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Monday, 19 July 2010

Arty 01

Arty 01.
A normal photo of traffic at night
from a bridge overlooking the A1
put thru PSE2 with a twirl added.


  1. Give it to J to add some stitching!!

  2. Ju-North, its on the pile my friend:).

  3. Simply beautiful -- and very creative.

  4. George, thanks, its amazing what can be done to car lights.

  5. Just took a few minutes for a look-see - this one really stands out; very nice work mac!

    Where I live I'd need a shutter speed of about 1 week to capture this many car lights ;-) Yep, pretty quiet around here!

  6. Rick, thanks for your visit and comments.
    Sounds a nice peaceful area where you are.