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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eye Spy

Hoo Hoo, Whos there?

No Flash.
Exposure 1/100sec.
F-Stop 5.6
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  1. Oh my, when I saw those beautiful eyes in my side-bar, I just had to come and take a look. A magnificent photo of this stunning Mr. Hoo Hoo :)
    An English Girl Rambles

  2. Denise, all the eyes have it,lol.
    Thank you my friend for your wonderful comments.

  3. Anna-Lys, what beautiful eye you have, thanks for your wonderful comments.

  4. George, I agree, lol, thank you my friend for your comments.

  5. The eye that sees everything.
    Very well captured.

  6. Haddock, The Eye, the point to shoot at, Thanks for your kind comments.

  7. I love owls....just love them!!
    Mama and Daddy have two owls that come to their home....and they feed them. They have been doing that for years and years now....same two owls...and I was able to get a photo of one of them (no flash, of course)....but I NEVER have gotten a photo even close to this perfection you have posted here. This is simply gorgeous!!!!

  8. My friend Teachers Pet, many thanks, Im pleased that you love it, I was so pleased that I captured him like this.