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Friday, 18 March 2011

Grey day into my Northern Lights by PSE2

A Grey day - Turned into the My Northern Lights 1-2-3 by P.S.E2
No Flash.
Exposure 1/2000
F.Stop 5.6
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  1. Northern Lights in Penzanze? lol

  2. Ju-north, lol, all with the help od Photoshop Elements 2.

  3. A little imagination, PSE2, and a good eye makes a gray day brilliant! Nice work!

  4. Lew, sorry to take so long getting back to you my friend.
    Many thank for your wonderful comments, you are surly right.

  5. I've just realised I have Adobe PSE8, but I'm still using Arcsoft Photo Studio to play with my images...must experiment more, methinks...

  6. Jinksy, thanks for your comments, you will enjoy the thrill of playing with PSE8 Im sure.